Monday, January 31, 2011

Art, Nature, Culture and Public Pedagogy

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"Creative Arts in Research for Community and Cultural Change"

Leaders in Arts Based Educational Research

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"A/r/tographic inquiry attempts to add to sociocultural experience by finding the movement of experience already in the world, for example, in geologic processes or families in transition, processes that are one and the same movement, differentiated by the continual slip of time. "

"A/r/tography seeks to reflect back to the world its diversity and liveliness, by creating arrangements in which people can relate to one another in ways that are not already determined and by inviting participants into collaborative artmaking."

"The forward slashes in the word a/r/tography indicate the importance of working with the rich histories of each tradition of artist, researcher and teacher as well as at their limits as continguous thresholds. Artist, research and teacher are articulated together to retain the ecology and materiality of everyday living; not irrevocably opposed but like the past and present sharing different directions of the same movement."

Valerie Triggs, Rita L. Irwin, Ruth Beer, Stephanie Springgay, Kit Grauer and Gu Xiong

(look for full article in the upcoming book, "Creative Arts in Research for Community and Cultural Change".)

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