Saturday, January 29, 2011

Narrative and Story Enhances Understandings of Self in Practice

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Todd Sojonky

"Through narrative, story and poetry this article shows the importance of personal growth and informs the practice of being a "good psychologist". It asks the reader to consider how cross cultural experiences influence professional psychology discourse and practices as well as to explore the relationships between dominant psychology systems and cultural enactments. "

"As a starting point, I began writing narratives (personal stories, journal entries and poems) that focused on experiences and incidents in my work in First Nation communities. The self study I embarked on involved self as psychologist. By examining my motives, feelings, fears and interests in relation to my work as a psychologist in First Nations communities, I came to a better understanding of my "self" and was also able to enhance my practice and offer insights for others in "psychologist culture." ( Look for the complete article by Todd Sojonky in our 2nd book in the CAIP Research Series "Creative Arts in Research for Community and Cultural Change", Detselig Temeron Press, for release May 2011.)

Todd Sojonky Ph.D., R.D., holds a Ph.D. from the Educational Psychology program at The University of Regina. He is a registered doctoral psychologist with extensive experience in marriage and family counselling rooted in a transpersonal and relational approach to healing. Visit Todd Sojonky's blog at
He has recently released a book,
Sojonky, T. (2010). A self-study: Being a white psychologist in an Indian world. Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang.

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